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The Misencil® concept was developed and established according to the highest quality, efficacy, and security standards for the consumer.

Every detail was carefully studied to satisfy the needs and requirements of beauty professionals on a day-to-day basis. In a business where word of mouth is so important, it is of the utmost importance to avoid deceiving our clientele.

The Misencil® Training is mandatory worldwide and bears the same requirements. Misencil® does not sell glue or eyelashes to those who have not studied our methods through the Misencil® training.

Misencil® is the only company in the world to offer an exhaustive array of complementary products created upon the knowledge and quality standards of the French cosmetics. Laboratory-developed, these products have been formulated specifically for Misencil® eyelash extensions as they optimize their lifespan. They are tremendously effective and bring softness and comfort to eyelashes and the delicate eye contour.

Training is mandatory for all Misencil® technicians around the world. Each student has to learn the Misencil® distinctive techniques and methods. Once a student has completed both the theory and practice segments of the training, she receives an international certification that validates her competence level. Your traveling customers will be pleased to know that they can benefit from the same methods, quality of work, and Misencil® products anywhere in the world. In fact, our training teams work hard on a daily basis to develop or improve methods and techniques that already give spectacular results!